Our Junior camp is for children ages 5 through 12, who may attend for either one or two weeks. All Junior campers have the opportunity to participate in traditional camp activities such as arts and crafts, swimming, and canoeing as well as more physically active and competitive activities such as water skiing, wake boarding and outdoor adventures.

The Junior program provides a foundation of self-respect and self-esteem to children who may never have met another Deaf child before. We help to develop language, interactive and social skills, and often provide the first exposure to the natural outdoor environment that some of our campers from urban environments ever have.

Our Senior camp is for children ages 13 through 17, who may attend for either one or two weeks. Most of our staff at the camp first pass through our Senior program, and understand the camp from experience. We also run a Leadership in Training Program (LIT) for campers who are 14 and 15 who wish to eventually become staff members. In order to stay on for Junior Camp to volunteer, a Senior Camper must participate in the LIT Program. There is no additional fee for this program.

Campers participate in typical camp activities and outdoor adventures, as well as leadership opportunities.

Hearing high school students interested in Sign Language and Deaf Culture are also given the opportunity to attend Senior Camp as part of our Sign Language Immersion Program. There is a separate fee for this program, but a discount is given to those students who also volunteer with the camp.

Our special needs program serves both children and adults who have physical, mental, developmental or emotional challenges in addition to being Deaf or hard of hearing.  These campers have very unique needs, and The Bob Rumball Camp of the Deaf is often the only place where they can experience a summer camp environment.

This program is less structured than either the Junior or Senior program, allowing campers to participate in all activities to the best of their personal ability in a relaxed, resort-like atmosphere.  All campers are supported by experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Those campers requiring one-to-one support are responsible for providing their own workers, however these support workers can be accommodated. There is an additional cost, and housing requests will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. There are limited accommodations, but all requests will be taken into consideration.