Rumball organizations recognize and embrace our responsibility to ensure we welcome and contribute to a healthy society, which includes equal respect and attention to topics of diversity, anti-racism, discrimination culture and faith.  We encourage continuous dialogue, reflection and education to ensure we focus on inclusivity for all people.

About our Founder

The late Reverend Robert Leslie “Bob” Rumball was a pastor and advocate for the Deaf and those with special needs. His legacy began in 1960, when he established the Ontario Camp of the Deaf; and in 1979, opened the Ontario Community Centre for the Deaf (now called the Bob Rumball Canadian Centre of Excellence for the Deaf).

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To provide care and opportunities in a communication-rich environment that enhances the quality of life of those we serve.
Deaf seniors activity in chapel in Bob Rumball Home for the Deaf

Seniors' Services

Services tailored for Deaf seniors’ in the Southern Ontario region, ranging from “in your home” to “out in the community”.
Developmental Services Deaf clients at an outdoor activity posing for picture.

Developmental Services

Improving Community connections for deaf and hard of hearing children and adults with Intellectual disabilities.
PAH! Staff

Mental Health

Mental health treatment for Deaf and hard of hearing children, youth, families and children of Deaf adults.

Deaf teacher teaching Deaf students

Education Services

Educational programs for Deaf and hearing children and adults that encourages active learning, creativity and shared experiences in a supportive environment.
Deaf kids having fun at the Bob Rumball Camp of the Deaf on a tube in the lake.


An inclusive environment where a Deaf child can enjoy everything that a summer camp can offer, without any communication barriers.


Free drop-in programs for families and children from birth to 6 years old.

Sign Language Services

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About the Foundation

The Bob Rumball Foundation for the Deaf helps fund services, programs and activities that provide a higher quality of life and build a better future for the Deaf and those with multiple challenges.

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PSA: COVID-19 information in ASL

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Public Service Announcement in ASL. Learning about what COVID-19 is, and what you can do to keep you and others safe.

Memorial Landscape Campaign

Memorial Landscape Campaign

If only the walls could talk…we would hear shared stories from long ago, a silly little giggle, simple and pure laughter from a lifetime event, a few tears shed for a friend who has passed, and most of all, snippets of cherished memories from family members who invited us into the lives of their loved ones over the time they graced our Home. Thanks so much for the memories. We have been truly blessed.

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Virtual Drop-In

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