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ASL Social

November 5, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 9:45 am

To register please click here, complete the form and a member of the Day Program will reply with your schedule and zoom links.

Spots are limited. Please register by August 27th, 2021

Programs run from September 7th – December 23rd, 2021 (except for statutory holidays).

If you have any questions, please contact Tiffany at tlinton@bobrumball.org

*Participants will be scheduled for one Arts & Craft session per week.


Details of activities:


Offered at both high and low intensity, our Fitness program will explore various stretches, movements and exercise routines. We will discuss different ways
in which we can stay active and healthy while at home. We will use a variety of different activities including stretches, aerobics and yoga meditation. Put on your comfortable clothing, bring a bottle of water and get ready to focus on your health

ASL Storytelling

We will spend our time watching ASL/Deaf movies and videos. This will give a deeper insight to the language, arts and culture within the Deaf
community. To accommodate the videos, we will be hosting this program in two 45-minute sessions within the same afternoon.

Sit back and enjoy the show!


If you are looking for volunteer work or paid work,
come join our employment sessions. Together we
will talk about the skills needed, how to be professional and the process of obtaining work. Our Employment Services staff will be available for questions every two weeks.

Montlty Awareness/Celebrations

This interactive program will discuss different celebrations and acknowledge important dates, people, places and causes. We will cover all areas including history, culture, human rights, health and food. Participants will be encouraged to join in the conversations, play games and have fun.

Arts & Crafts

Every week participants will have the opportunity to create amazing pieces of art. We will use different techniques including paper cutting, drawing, gluing, painting, etc.

*Art supplies will be provided to registered participants.

Working with your hands

During our time, we will show you a variety of projects including gardening, woodwork and landscaping. We will show you the different tools and skills needed.


As a group, we will discuss the importance of having good self-esteem. We will have deep discussions, play games and do some role playing. This will help you advocate for yourself.


Want to bake your own cookies, muffins or birthday cake? Come join our baking program and learn all the skills needed. We will create delicious baked
goods with simple directions so you can do it on your own at home.

Sports Fan

Are you a sports fan? Join us to talk about your favourite sports, teams and players. We will discuss everything from the history of sports to the current sports news.


Our focus will be on making healthy meals. We will show you how to use different tools found in the kitchen, use simple, healthy ingredients and make
delicious meals you can make at home.

ASL Social

This is a relaxed setting where we discuss current events, socialize and tune-in to what’s going on in our local and global communities. Come prepared with a hot cup of coffee, tea or your favourite snack while we chat.

Fun & Games

We will be socializing and playing different games

Come and join in on some friendly competition while
having fun with your friends!


November 5, 2021
9:00 am - 9:45 am
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