Digital Deaf Camp


This is how the program will work:

  • This online program is FREE!
  • Print off the Calendar for July so you can participate in Deaf Camp activities online, from home.
  • We will use Zoom for live check-in calls that will be interactive on Wednesday nights. The Zoom codes will be posted on Wednesdays on Facebook.
  • Instagram LIVES will happen for people to tune into on Fridays at 1pm- @CampoftheDeaf.
  • Interactive posting will happen on Facebook- Rumball Camp of the Deaf.
  • This program is open to ANYONE to participate in. This means past staff, past campers, current campers, group homes that offer support to individuals, and any of our Rumball agencies can participate.
  • Parents use THEIR Facebook accounts to control the content posted of children under the age of 16. Please do not have your child create their own Facebook account for this purpose. If your kids have their own Instagram account, it is the parents’ responsibility to monitor what they post.
  • Activities will be posted for you to participate in at your home and in your community. Please follow social distancing rules in the community.
  • You can post photos on our threads, your own social media pages and tag us or email
  • We look forward to seeing you online this summer!

Internet Safety Tips

  • Campers and staff and past attendees of Deaf Camp should only connect with each other through this Digital Deaf Camp Group. If private messages are sent, we have no control over those. Parental supervision is required.
  • Do not accept “Friend” requests from anyone you do not know in the group. Just because they have attended Deaf Camp in the past, does not make them your friend.
  • Anyone receiving threatening or inappropriate chat messages should immediately report it to a trusted adult — parent/guardian, camp director Derek Rumball, or main Facebook page moderator, Hillary Handy.
  • Rumball Camp of the Deaf asks for your personal information to confirm you are who you say you are. We will not share that with anyone in the group. Do not share your personal information (ie: address, email, cell number) with anyone in the group you do not know.
  • The only opportunity for LIVE interactions will be via Zoom, and the occasional Facebook LIVE or Instagram LIVE. Be careful of the personal information you share during these sessions. Other attendees could screenshot or record the meeting. This is frowned upon, however as moderators, we cannot control the online behaviour of others in LIVE situations, other than blocking or booting people from the Zoom call.
  • Have computers in the main family room of the home, and out of bedrooms, for safety and transparency

These are the expectations we have for participants:

  • We expect all participants to be responsible and positive online
  • Be mindful of privacy settings and online safety
  • Be respectful of your host, program leaders and peers in Zoom sessions (means listen, be patient and take turns)
  • There is ZERO tolerance for cyberbullying. Mean, rude or hateful comments left on our platforms will be deleted and you will be removed from the group.
  • We ask that you do not share or repost photos of other people in the group, or take screenshots or record streams/screen recording of Zoom sessions. You can of course share photos of yourself/your children participating on your own platforms. Alternatively, any photos posted on the main Rumball Camp of the Deaf Facebook page or the Bob Rumball Foundation of the Deaf page, you can share on your own personal accounts.
  • In posting photos of yourself/your children on our group page, this is implied consent for us to share across our main Rumball social media platforms. You also consented when you completed your online registration form.

Digital Deaf Camp is a FREE program because we are unable to meet in person this summer due to COVID-19. While the program is free, we are asking for a small donation, not for today, but for tomorrow. We will be working extra hard to ensure Summer 2021 is amazing for all our campers and staff. Please consider donating today so we can make tomorrow better than today.