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The Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf
The Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf provides a variety of care and support to Deaf children and adults with multiple needs including individuals with a developmental disability, Deaf plus individuals, youth and adults with behavioral, emotional or psychiatric problems, young offenders, troubled youth and dually diagnosed individuals.
Sensory Exploratoryation Arts Program  
Explore, Express, Enjoy...Creative Expression Through the Arts
The arts motivate in a way that no other force can. It is only through making a mark that no one else could make, that we express the individual creative spark in our own humanity, giving all individuals every opportunity to discover how wonderfully unique and special it is that they have known life and shared their feelings, responses and perception of living it.
Bernie Warren
SEA program Coordinator:  Alyssa Light
Vision Statement: Connection to life in the cyclical process of discovery and validation of self realization through creative arts expression.
Explore: Experience exploration of life thorough the senses of smell, taste, touch, sound (vibrations) sight (light/dark intensities) in context to the theme of the week providing individual emotional response, connectedness to living life, sense of self and well being.
Express: Express the emotional response to the experience being had in the present moment in an art medium of (collage, painting, sculpture and printmaking) to validate ones humanity and wellbeing.
Enjoy: Creative self expression through the arts allows for further communication to others about how each person experienced the world in that moment of time. Validating their unique personality, purpose and enjoyment of living to their fullest capabilities.
The Ontario Trillium Foundation has generously provided a grant for a Sensory Exploration Arts Program (SEA). The Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf and Deaf-Blind Ontario Services are partnering to bring this unique and creative program to members within the local Deaf and Deafblind community.
Many of these participants face huge obstacles in their daily lives and have developmental and/or physical disabilities. One of the exciting aspects of the program is encouraging the creative process by using the different senses to experiment with media. This allows each individual the opportunity to further their sense of well being and growth through their own unique capabilities, and people who may not have had the previous opportunity to call themselves, Artist, are given that chance.
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