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The Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf
The Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf provides a variety of care and support to Deaf children and adults with multiple needs including individuals with a developmental disability, Deaf plus individuals, youth and adults with behavioral, emotional or psychiatric problems, young offenders, troubled youth and dually diagnosed individuals.
Adult Programs  
The goal of our adult programs is for individuals to work towards as much independence as possible. We believe this is best accomplished in a Deaf, signing environment where both peers and support workers are either Deaf or fluent in sign language. Programs focus on teaching life skills, social interaction and independence skills in a supportive, caring environment. Residents receive job placement and employment counseling as well as enhanced life skills training to further their independence.Our services include programs for Deaf adults with a developmental disability, complex medical needs, mental health concerns and other challenges.
Day Program & Job Training   
This program is designed to help participants improve basic literacy, communication and social skills and offers a variety of activities including games, crafts, cooking, field trips, classroom teaching and community involvement. The job training component allows individuals to be part of a productive environment where emphasis is placed on working as a team and developing vocational, communication and interaction skills.
The Sensory Exploration Arts program provides individuals with developmental and/or physical disabilities the opportunity to enjoy new experiences within the community and translate these experiences through creative media. The use of all available senses is encouraged throughout the artistic process, and individuals benefit enormously from the chance to express their perspective, experiences and emotions in a productive, safe way.
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