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The Bob Rumball Camp of the Deaf
The Bob Rumball Camp of the Deaf is a place of opportunity for Deaf, hard of hearing and multiply challenged young people. The Camp functions as an inclusive environment where a Deaf child can enjoy everything that a summer camp can offer, but in an environment without any communication barriers. The Bob Rumball Camp of the Deaf is not an extra in the life of a Deaf child or Deaf adult with special needs. It is about changing lives, promoting self esteem and providing opportunities. It is about creating memories that last a life time.
The Facilities at the Camp are available year-round. Our main lodge is perfect for groups of 30-100, the Stavro Lodge for groups of 12-30. Two and 3 bedroom housekeeping units are also available.
Rate Card:
Don Durno Lodge
6 Guest rooms with individual washrooms and showers.
Can accommodate up to 32 people.
Lodge Includes Gym, Assembly room, Dining room and fully equipped Kitchen.
Daily rate$825
Attached to the lodge is our “wing” divided in to several sleeping areas.
Sleeps 74.
Daily rate $275
Log Dorm
Stand alone building
60 beds, washroom and showers
Daily rate $275
Housekeeping Cottages
Daily rates
#3 three bedroom $90
#4A two bedroom $90
#4B Three bedroom $125
#5 three Bedroom $70
#6 two Bedroom $90
#7, 8, 9 three Bedroom $140
Moto Lodge
Stand alone building with six bedrooms and one dorm style room.
Each bedroom has three bunks. The dorm has 22 beds.
Complete kitchen and gender specific washrooms.
Daily $600
The Ontario Camp of the Deaf has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and non-prescribed or illegal drugs.
For more information, contact us.
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