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The Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf
The Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf is a multi-purpose, multi-program facility that functions both as a community centre for the Deaf, and as a provider of services to the Deaf. The Centre operates a wide variety of programs, as well as offering a home for the activities and offices of Deaf groups and associations. Several of our programs are residential, with apartments on site, and so the Centre is also home to Deaf seniors and Deaf people with special needs.
Developmental Programs  
Adult Residential Program: 
An ‘apartment like’ setting designed to assist Deaf adults with developmental disabilities in acquiring the necessary skills to one day live in the community. The program is designed to facilitate the needs of the individual and help them achieve their optimal level of independence.
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Day Program
Enhances quality of life for Deaf people with developmental disabilities by providing meaningful day to day experiences which build on their own strengths and interests. Individuals participating in the program can choose from a variety of activities including crafts, sports, gardening, adult learning and computer work, and fun group social activities. The program runs from 8:00 am until 3:30 pm Monday through Friday, providing a consistent daily structure. 
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Progressive Assisted Living Program
A residential program which assists Deaf individuals with a developmental disability, physical disability, medical needs and mental health issues. We assist our residents in developing their skills in the areas of communication, daily living, community awareness and behaviour management. Well trained staff provide 24-hour supervision and strive to maintain a caring, positive living environment in which visual communication skills are respected and encouraged.
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Supportive Independent Living Program
A supportive program designed to assist Deaf, developmentally delayed individuals to achieve their maximum potential for independent living within the community.
Our individuals are able to live independently in various Toronto locations and our SIL staff assist in providing support in areas such as life skills, communication, counselling, finances and employment placement.
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Developmental Services Resources:
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