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The Bob Rumball Long Term Care Home for the Deaf
The Bob Rumball Home for the Deaf is the only Long Term Care facility in Canada which is specifically designed to meet the needs of Deaf seniors. Emphasis is placed on communication and eliminating the isolation many Deaf seniors experience. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life and self-determination of Deaf seniors. We believe in ensuring a unique environment which promotes and preserves Deaf culture, language and heritage.
The Bob Rumball Home for the Deaf considers volunteers a vital component of our CareTeam. They have responsibilities which reflect professional respect and are offeredgrowth opportunities. We provide a wide range of volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and interests.
Volunteers add to our residents’ and staff’s quality of life by helping to create a more
Natural, community based home. Volunteers have the opportunity to make new friends
and enjoy new experiences, skills, and challenges. A full orientation, training and ongoingsupport is provided through our Volunteer Coordinator.
Most volunteers commit to an on-going number of hours in a week or month and often
create their own positions based on their individual talents. Some of the volunteer roles
that are available include:
Special Events:
  • Help to porter residents to and from a special event
  • Serve refreshments
We like to plan special outings likes shopping trips, bowling or just a drive in the country. The more volunteers we have, the more residents have the opportunity to enjoy these important activities to keep in touch with their community.
Daily Activities:
  • Tea Socials
  • Seasonal Events
  • Singing and Entertainment
  • Spiritual Programs
  • Bingo, Dingo, Cards & Games
  • Flower Gardening and Vegetable Gardening
  • Walking Club
  • Restorative Feeding Assistance
Friendly Visits:
Sometimes all we need is someone there to listen!! Many of our residents would love a friend to visit them to chat. There are many interesting stories to be heard!!
Dining Assistant:
Some of our residents require assistance during dining and many enjoy the companionship and conversation shared during the meal time, and what better than to share that time with a friend?
Dance / Music Students:
Teachers and students of dance and music groups – you’ve been working hard on your performance, and now your need an audience, come in and practice on us!
Share YOUR Interest or Talent:
Do you have an interesting collection sitting in your basement collecting dust? Why not bring it in to show us!!
If you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact:
Jennifer Pilon
Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 705-719-6700 ext. 308
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