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The Bob Rumball Long Term Care Home for the Deaf
The Bob Rumball Home for the Deaf is the only Long Term Care facility in Canada which is specifically designed to meet the needs of Deaf seniors. Emphasis is placed on communication and eliminating the isolation many Deaf seniors experience. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life and self-determination of Deaf seniors. We believe in ensuring a unique environment which promotes and preserves Deaf culture, language and heritage.
The 64-bed Home is the only Long Term Care facility in Canada designed with Deaf seniors in mind. Home areas are divided into houses each of which has a distinct look and colour code, this assists seniors who depend on the visual environment to orient themselves.
Specialized lighting techniques and interior design elements were used to create an environment where Deaf seniors are most comfortable. For example, diffused lighting is used throughout the Home to eliminate shadows and make visual communication easier.
Technical devices such as a visual fire alarm system, visual call bell system, captioned TV's TTY's, and LED message boards have been included. Overall, the design supports a therapeutic environment that is non-stressful, familiar and safe allowing for freedom of movement within a secure space.
Every effort is made to engage residents’ existing senses. A therapeutic Snoezlen Room helps to stimulate touch and sight, while the scented garden activates smell. Additional elements have been added to help residents lead a full and enjoyable life within the Home. A hair dressing salon and spa, common activity space, chapel and meeting hall, and volunteer-operated cafe help provide for a well rounded experience.
As important as our physical facilities is our commitment to ensuring that all staff are fluent in American Sign Language and fully able to communicate with residents. The environment this creates is absolutely critical to the well-being of our residents.
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