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The Bob Rumball Long Term Care Home for the Deaf
The Bob Rumball Home for the Deaf is the only Long Term Care facility in Canada which is specifically designed to meet the needs of Deaf seniors. Emphasis is placed on communication and eliminating the isolation many Deaf seniors experience. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life and self-determination of Deaf seniors. We believe in ensuring a unique environment which promotes and preserves Deaf culture, language and heritage.
It is the mission of the Rumball organization to serve the needs of the Deaf from infancy through to their senior years. Providing support to Deaf seniors has always been a priority, as Deaf seniors so often experience isolation in conventional care settings.
For 20 years, Rev. Bob Rumball lobbied the provincial government on this topic, while simultaneously raising funds to tackle the issue through the construction of the first and only long term care home in Canada which serves the unique and specific needs of Deaf seniors.
In 2007, The Bob Rumball Home for the Deaf in Barrie opened. The design process took careful consideration of the needs of Deaf seniors, and the new building was constructed to cater to these needs including wide corridors, diffused lighting, visual alarm and communication systems.
Constantly upgrading best practices, the Home remains the only facility where the families of Deaf seniors can be assured that their loved ones are receiving the best possible care while being engaged in a communication-rich environment.
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