The aim of the Sign Language Services program is to reduce the barriers of communication experienced by Deaf individuals by promoting the use of American Sign Language within the hearing community.

A variety of classes and camps are offered throughout the year for adults, youth and infants.
Please see the schedules list below.
Level 1 Course:
Course Fee for each course of the Signing Naturally Curriculum for 30 hours.
ASL 1A (Units 1 – 3)
ASL 1B (Units 4 – 6)
ASL 1C (Units 7 – 9)
ASL 1D (Units 10 – 12)
  • Regular Fee – $135
  • Early Bird Fee – $125


  • One Time Material Fee of $100 for workbook and DVD (ASL 1A to ASL 1B)
  • One Time Material Fee of $110 for workbook and DVD (ASL 1C to ASL 1D)